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When it comes to designing and installing wardrobes, Ian Smith Carpentry and Joinery have been servicing the local people of Burgess Hill, West Sussex for over 20 years. I know that wardrobes are not just simply for storage, but are also an important part of the aesthetic make up of your home. Your wardrobe should offer plenty of space to store any items, but it should also match the location that it is situated in. At Ian Smith Carpentry and Joinery, I can use my expert knowledge to design and install a bespoke wardrobe in your home.

Wardrobes come in all shapes and sizes! Whether you need a full wall sliding door wardrobe, or a small free-standing wardrobe installing, Ian Smith Carpentry and Joinery in Burgess Hill, West Sussex have the experience and the expertise to install any type of wardrobe in your home. With wardrobes you have 3 main types:

Free-standing Wardrobes

Perhaps the most common type of wardrobe free-standing wardrobes have one obvious advantage of any other type of wardrobe; that they are easily moved around the room, or to another room altogether. Free-standing wardrobes are extremely versatile and can easily be altered to suit the function of the wardrobe.

At Ian Smith Carpentry and Joinery, I can build and install any free-standing wardrobe in your property in Burgess Hill and the rest of West Sussex. Whether you need a bespoke wardrobe designing, or have one already that need constructing and installing, Ian Smith Carpentry and Joinery have you covered.

Fitted Sliding Door Wardrobes

When you think of a sliding door wardrobe, they are often viewed as being a bit old fashioned, but this is not true at all! There are a huge variety of contemporary sliding door wardrobes that will suit your home whatever the style.

At Ian Smith Carpentry and Joinery in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, we can install any type of sliding door wardrobe in your property. Sliding door wardrobes usually reach from the floor to the ceiling meaning that they require a lot of space when installed, however, they also provide ample space within the wardrobe, and additional storage can be fitted at the top of the wardrobe. Unlike free-standing wardrobes, with sliding door wardrobes you do not need any open space to the front of the wardrobe for opening the doors.

Walk In Wardrobes

When it comes to clothes storage, walk in wardrobes are the ultimate luxury. An entire room (or a sectioned off part of a room) can be dedicated to shelving and rails for storing clothes. Moreover, a walk in wardrobe doubles up as a dressing room. All of your clothes can be hung or placed around the walls of the room, and then in the centre you can have a chair, or a stool, or something similar.

As a walk in wardrobe requires a lot of space, they are not suitable for small or medium sized homes. As such, walk in wardrobes are the least common type of wardrobe in the UK.

If you are in need of a professional wardrobe designer and installer in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, then look no further. Give Ian Smith Carpentry and Joinery a call on 01444230068 or 07764578728, or send me a message through my contact page.

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